Contribution DAO

Contribution Based Decentralized Autonomous Organization

FOMUO Contribution-based DAO is a unique type of DAO that differs from traditional DAOs in several ways. Unlike other DAOs that operate based on token-based governance, contribution-based DAOs operate on a contribution-based governance model. This means that voting power is assigned based on the level of contribution that members make to the DAO, rather than the number of tokens they hold. In other words, members who contribute more to the DAO have a greater say in decision-making than those who do not contribute as much.

This approach has several benefits.

  1. It creates a more meritocratic system where the most active and valuable members have a greater influence on decision-making.

  2. It incentivizes members to contribute more to the DAO, which can lead to more activity, engagement, and innovation.

  3. It reduces the risk of token concentration in the hands of a few large token holders, which can be a problem in traditional token-based DAOs.

There are lots of FOMUO Contribution-based DAO features, such as

  • Proposal Initiating proposals to suggest changes, improvements, and decisions within the community.

  • Voting Shaping the future of the community and enjoying the benefits of active participation.

  • Privileges Unlocking special in-game privileges such as increased energy, daily rewards, XP boost, and access to exclusive maps.

  • Exclusive Access Gaining full access to all initial offerings and closed beta testing of new games.

  • Marketplace Benefits Earning commissions on resales and enjoying discounts on selected items in in-game stores or the marketplace.

  • Monthly Rewards Receiving monthly rewards proportional to their accumulated contribution DAO point.

  • Monthly Ranking Rewards The top 10 members in the contribution DAO point ranking are rewarded monthly for their dedication and support to the community.

  • Monthly Lucky Price As a member of the DAO, you will have the chance to participate in exclusive lucky draws for exciting prizes and rewards.

Overall, contribution-based DAOs provide a more inclusive and democratic approach to governance, which can lead to more effective decision-making, greater member satisfaction, and a more thriving community.

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