Connecting gamers, creators and collectors

FOMUO aims to solve the challenges faced by gamers, content creators, and art collectors by leveraging blockchain technology to create a gaming platform that provides easy access to esports competitions and rewards while also facilitating the creation, curation, and sale of unique digital assets.


  • Challenges Since the rise of competitive gaming and the emergence of the esports industry, most gamers, especially skilled gamers, have been facing these multitude of challenges:

    • Inconsistent income Skilled gamers often face inconsistent income, which makes it difficult to budget and plan for the future. This is because their earnings can fluctuate based on their performance in tournaments or streaming revenue. The inconsistent income can make it difficult to sustain a career as a professional gamer or content creator.

    • Limited revenue streams Skilled gamers may have limited revenue streams, which can put pressure on them to perform well in tournaments or to constantly create content. For example, if a gamer relies solely on tournament winnings or ad revenue from streaming, they may struggle if there are no tournaments or if their streaming numbers drop.

    • Unfair compensation Skilled gamers may feel that their compensation is unfair, especially when compared to traditional athletes. While esports has grown in popularity and profitability, many skilled gamers are still paid significantly less than professional athletes despite working just as hard and facing similar levels of risk.

    • Losing to pay-to-win gamers Skilled gamers may feel frustrated when they lose to players who have paid for in-game advantages, such as weapons or abilities. This can make it feel like their skill is not valued, and can discourage them from continuing to play.

    • Burnout and mental health Skilled gamers may face burnout and mental health issues due to the intense pressure to perform well and to constantly create content. This can be exacerbated by long hours of practice or streaming, lack of exercise, and inadequate sleep or nutrition. The highly competitive nature of esports can also lead to stress and anxiety, which can negatively impact mental health.

    • Hesitant to Blockchain Games One major gamers concern is the perceived complexity of blockchain technology, which can make it difficult to navigate and understand how the game works. The lack of centralized control in blockchain games may also lead to hesitation from gamers, as resolving disputes or addressing issues may be more challenging. Additionally, some gamers may view blockchain games as being more focused on profit and token sales rather than creating a high-quality gameplay experience.

  • Solutions

    • Instant eSports Anytime Anywhere FOMUO provides gamers with instant esports access that is available to everyone anytime and anywhere. FOMUO gaming platform allow gamers to compete against each other in real-time tournaments, gamers can earn rewards based on their rank and performance. This will help to address the problem of inconsistent income and limited revenue streams by providing a consistent and unlimited source of income for casual or skilled gamers.

    • No Pay-to-win games FOMUO provides only cosmetic virtual items for in-app purchase. This means that the items available for sale do not provide any advantage in the actual gameplay, but rather serve as a way for players to personalize their experience. By limiting purchases to cosmetic items, players are not able to buy their way to success and the gameplay remains fair for everyone. Additionally, players who are invested in the game and want to support its development can still do so by purchasing these optional items without creating an imbalance in the game's mechanics. Overall, this solution helps to create a more enjoyable and equitable gaming experience for all players.

    • Easy Transition From Web2 to Web3 With a focus on creating engaging and enjoyable gameplay experiences and integrating blockchain technology seamlessly into the gameplay experience, FOMUO hopes to create games that are accessible to all players, regardless of their level of familiarity with blockchain technology. This approach will allow players to enjoy the benefits of web3 gaming without even realizing they are playing blockchain-based games. With FOMUO's user-friendly interface and commitment to creating high-quality games, the transition to blockchain gaming will be smooth and seamless for players, opening up a new world of gaming possibilities.

Content Creators

  • Challenges One of the main problems of content creator is the lack of stable and consistent income streams. Many content creators rely on ad revenue or sponsorships, which can be unpredictable and subject to fluctuations. This can make it difficult for creators to budget, plan for the future, and invest in their content. Additionally, content creators may struggle with issues related to intellectual property rights, royalties, and fair compensation for their work.

  • Solution FOMUO provides a community platform for content creators to monetize their content through various channels, such as subscription-based models, tips, sponsorships, and ad revenue sharing. Additionally, FOMUO can offer them a range of tools and features, such as custom branding, analytics, community building, and collaboration opportunities, to enhance their reach and engagement with the audience. With FOMUO, content creators can enjoy a fair and transparent ecosystem that empowers them to pursue their passion and make a living out of it.

Art Creators & Collectors

  • Challenges NFTs have experienced a decline in value as the hype surrounding them has cooled off. One reason for this decline is that many NFTs are simply digital collectibles with no inherent utility, which limits their appeal beyond a small group of collectors.

  • Solution To address this, FOMUO provides ways to add utility to your existing NFTs, such as using them as access tokens for exclusive content or experiences, as in-game items or assets, or as proof of ownership for physical goods or services. By utilize the interoperability of your existing NFTs, their value can increase as they become more than just collectibles, but also functional assets with real-world applications.

FOMUO is a solution for skilled gamers, content creators and art collectors by providing a transparent and secure community platform to earn their fair share of royalties.

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