Player Sponsor

As a member of FOMUO, you may not always have the time or energy to compete in esports tournaments, but that doesn't mean you can't earn rewards. By sponsoring other players, you can earn a share of their rewards and support their gaming journey.

FOMUO's sponsorship program allows members to sponsor other players who are competing in esports tournaments on the platform. When you sponsor a player, you are essentially investing in their performance, and you can earn a share of their rewards if they perform well.

To get started with sponsoring a player, you can browse the list of available players and select one that you think has the potential to perform well. Once you've chosen a player, you can offer to sponsor them and negotiate a share of their rewards in return.

Sponsoring a player not only allows you to earn rewards without playing, but it also helps to support the esports community and encourage more players to participate in tournaments. By investing in other players, you are helping to grow the esports industry and create more opportunities for everyone involved.

In addition to earning rewards, sponsoring a player can also be a rewarding experience in itself. You can develop a relationship with the player you sponsor, offer them advice and support, and watch them grow and succeed as a gamer.

FOMUO's sponsorship program is base on the blockchain technology which make it secure and transparent so that both players and sponsors get the same immutable information. It is a great way for members who don't have time to play to still be involved in esports and earn rewards. It allows you to support other players, invest in their success, and be a part of the growing esports community.

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